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Below you’ll find information on our timed-release products, cleaners, resurfacers, floor coatings and more. Have a question? Call us toll free at 800-766-9057.


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AC Coils: Clean & Protect

Cleaning and sanitizing AC coils is a task you can’t ignore, and it should be a normal part of every maintenance plan. With our products, we make it easy. We’ve got products that clean, degrease, prevent rust and even prevent mold build-up.

Pancrete Pans 2

Drain Pans: Resurface

You’ve seen them. Drain pans covered in rust, holes in the bottom, leaking water all over the floor. Replacing an entire drain pan can be very expensive, but with our drain pan resurfacers, you can repair for less! Keep your drain pan, and make it fresh as new.

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Drain Pans: Protect & Clean

These timed-release products can protect your drain pans for up to 6 months. Much better than dissolvable tablets, they are engineered for your needs. This family of products includes: PanGuard, Algae Guard, Cooler Guard and Drain Rings.

heat exchanger

Chillers: Tube Sheet Coating

Ever done work on chillers? We make it easy. Our newest product, Ceramic Shield, is a chiller tube sheet resurfacer that is lab-engineered to be corrosion and erosion resistant.

industrial flooring

Newton’s Tread Coat Flooring

Looking for new flooring for your company? Whether you own an industrial plant, warehouse, restaurant or food processing plant, you need a reliable, long-lasting, slip-resistant and safe floor. Our newly reintroduced floor coating, Newtons Tread Coat, is just that.


Ductwork & Insulation

How can you fix insulation degradation? With one of our top-of-the-line insulation sealants. We have three products perfectly engineered to fix your insulation problems, no matter the situation. They are: Flex Seal, BioFlex and Ductile.

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Fire-Rated Coatings

Have a job that requires a fire-rated coating? We’ve got you covered – literally. All of our fire-rated coatings have very low flame and smoke spreads. They’ll keep your employees, and your business, safer in the case of a potentially dangerous and damaging fire.