Drain Pans: Protect & Clean

Tired of dirty drain pans that get clogged and overrun? You need something a little stronger and longer-lasting than dissolvable tablets. Back in 1985, we developed the very first ever timed-release product for treating air conditioner drain pans. And we’ve been improving our formula ever since.

Our timed-release products can protect your drain pans for up to 6 months. This family of products includes: PanGuard, Algae Guard, Cooler Guard and Drain Rings. Clean Bond, Our powerhouse cleaner that packs a one-two-three punch when it comes to cleaning and pre-treating your drip pans, is a cleaner and degreaser, a powerful adhesive  and bonding agent (in case you’re installing our products Pancrete and V570), and a strong flash rust inhibitor. We also have two products for cleaning drain pans: Instant Powder Kegs  and Fast Attack HVAC System Sanitizer.

We developed the very first ever timed-release product!


The first timed-release product for cleaning and treating drain pans.  It’s a polymer strip covered in bright green fabric, symbolic of its green certification. It goes right in your drain pan, where it slowly releases cleaning agents over a period of six months and protects your drain pan from deposit accumulation and odors.

Algae Guard

Our Controlled Release Micro-Biocide eliminates unexpected overflows. Algae Guard easily fits into air conditioner or refrigeration drain pans, and other drain openings controlling the growth of bacteria in these areas.

Drain Ring

drainringA timed-release circular product placed in drains in food processing plants, kitchens, etc., to clean drain openings and prevent odors. They reduce buildup of fats and oils. A drain ring lasts up to  two months.

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