One treatment keeps evaporator coils clean all year long.

First Strike Micro Coat is conformal coating that prevents buildup, mildew and other deposits with one annual treatment. It's green, safe to use, and the entire process can be completed in under an hour, including dry time.

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A Molecular Barrier for Evaporative Coils

Green certified iconFirst Strike Micro Coat is a Certified Green Product that protects indoor coils, keeping them clean and promoting efficient heat transfer.

  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating
  • Retards the growth and action of bacterial odors*
  • Prevents buildup that inhibits heat transfer
  • Easy to apply; less than an hour downtime
  • Safe to use
  • lowest VOC of any coil treatment on the market
  • Dirty Coils and fins are breeding grounds for mold, alage and mildew. First strike Micro Coat is a molecular coating that creates a low friction resistant surface. It effectively prevents the buildup of dirt, dust, hair dander, grease, and other air-borne particles. Clean, buildup free coils provide better air quality, and save on energy consumption too.



    Heat Transfer

    For evaporative coils to effectively cool, heat transfer has to occur. When coils are clogged with buildup, heat transfer is harder to achieve. Dirty Coils and improper heat transfer leads to:

  • Increasd energy consumption
  • Raised energy bills
  • A corrosive environment
  • An unpleasant odor
  • Early deterioration of the unit
  • Controlled Release Technologies created innovative Coil Shield to protect indoor coils and maintain them all year long. First Strike Micro Coat is a conformal molecular barrier, proven to prevent buildup on evaporator coils.

    First Strike Micro Coat

  • Microns thin coating will not inhibit heat transfer
  • Sheets Water
  • Electrostatic charge repels dust, dirt and other air-borne particles
  • Continually clean coils eliminates odors for better air quality
  • Molecular surface is resistant to the growth of unpleasant accumulations.
  • Extends the life of coils and fins
  • Corrosion resistant


    Additional Benefits

  • Regular maintenance becomes less time-consuming with First Strike Micro Coat. Indoor evaporator coil cleanings will be easier and faster
  • First Strike Micro Coat also fills pitting caused by cleaning and corrosion. Pitting is the first sign of corrosion, and also inhibits heat transfer.
  • Neutral pH. First Strike will not harm equipment or clothing
  • Very low VOC means it is safe to apply without special equipment or building evacuation
  • Flame Retardant
  • Application

    First Strike Micro Coat is easy to apply.

  • Shut down the system
  • Spray coils with Clean Bond solution
  • Rinse coil cleaner
  • With fan running and chilled water turned off spray First Strike Micro Coat onto coils (The running fan, pulls our conformal coating into interior parts of the coil)
  • Leave the fan running, but do not turn on chilled water until coils are completely dry (generally 30-60 minutes)
  • That is all it takes to protect indoor coils for a year.

    1 Gallon coats the front and back of a 50 ton coil.

    1 Quart coats the front and back of a 12 ton coil.

    Technical Data


    Effectively keeps indoor evaporative coils clean, preventing accumulation, while forming a mildew-resistant coating. First Strike Micro Coat also retards the growth and action of bacterial odors*

  • Keeps indoor coils clean all year long
  • Lasts for one year and in many cases much longer
  • When First Strike Micro Coat dries, it forms an ionic bond with the fin surface that repels dust and dirt

  • Fills pitting caused by cleaning
  • Invisible to heat transfer
  • Sheets water
  • First Strike Micro Coat is easy to apply

  • Product is ready to spray.
  • Process is quick, units can be put back into service within an hour
  • 1 Gallon coats the front and back of a 50 ton coil.
  • 1 Quart coats the front and back of a 12 ton coil.


    Special patented formula that provides a low friction surface.


    • Certified Green
    • Helps maintain unit efficiency
    • No special breathing apparatus or equipment required to apply
    • No need to evacuate or seal off areas-no harmful fumes
    • Water clean up
    • No mixing - ready to use
    • Will not harm clothing
    • Neutral pH mixture
    • Increase the time between cleanings by as much as 30%
    • Contains no hazardous heavy metals
    • Helps guard against coil corrosion
    • Helps keep coils clean 24 hours a day, for a year or more
    • Non-flammable
    • Easy to use. Coils don’t need to be dry before applying
    • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC)
    • Will not inhibit heat transfer
    • Fills microscopic pitting
    • Creates mildew-resistant coating and retards the growth and action of bacterial odors.
    *This product does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria.

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