Continual cleaning for soda and beer dispenser drip trays.

Dispenser Guard is a quat block designed specifically for beverage drip trays. Place it in the tray. When liquid enters, Dispenser Guard releases cleaning agents that prevent sugary buildup, odors, pooling and clogging.

Dispenser Guard Product

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Continuous Clean designed for Beverage dispensers.

Beer and Beverage dispenser drip trays can get dirty fast. Plus, it's hard to clean the lines. Sugar and yeast from beverages are a food source for the microbes living in drain tubes. Over time sugar snakes or other unpleasant buildup develops. It smells bad, which is bad for business, and buildup can cause pooling or clogging; an even bigger mess.

Beverage dispenser

Dispenser Guard was developed to keep drip trays, drains, and reticulation cases continuously clean. It's small size and dark grey fabric, make it less noticible in the tray. When water contacts the strip, water-activated Dispenser Guard releases a blend of wetting agents, surfactants, detergents, and a corrosion inhibitor. This continual cleaning action prevents buildup, deposits, odors, and potential clogging too. Dispenser Guard non dissolving, and unlike most tabs, our exclusive release formula, lasts for a full 30 days.

  • Time-Release cleaner is activated when liquid touches the strip
  • When no liquid is present nothing is released
  • Our practical design, cleans drip trays and drain tubes every time they are used
  • Dispenser Guard elimiates unpleasant odors
  • It also reduces the build up of Sugar Snakes keeping lines flowing freely

Odors, pooling, and unsightly mess deters customers. Preventative thought free maintenance is always the best practice.

Confident Clean

  • Dispenser Guard guarantees that drip trays are clean.
  • Plus, its continuous action tackles more than just the tray.
  • Drain lines are cleaned and buildup is prevented too.
  • Easy to Use

  • Simply place Dispenser Guard in the drain pan near the drain
  • One DG-DP for each two taps cleans for 30 days
  • One DG-RU will keep recirculation cases fresh and clean for 30 days!
  • Our product is the long lasting solution for drip trays, drain tubes and recirculation cases. No more odors or gunky buildup in drain lines. It's smart, effective and affordable.

    Dispenser Guard Technical Data


    Dispenser Guard is a polymer core strip, covered by a knit enclosure. When it encounters water, Dispenser Guard releases cleaning agents that keep pans and lines clean. During periods when no water is present, the strip will retain its ingredients.

    Dispenser Guard is a monthly maintenance product.

  • One DG-DP for each two taps cleans for 30 days!
  • One DG-RU woll keep recirculation cases fresh and clean for 30 days
  • Dispenser Guard

  • Continuously Cleans drip trays
  • Keeps drain tubes open and free of Sugar Snakes
  • Eliminates backups and clogs
  • Controls Odors
  • Physical Characteristics

    Dispenser Guard is a slender polymer strip, enclosed in black fabric. The design makes it easy to fit in the beverage drain pan. It remains the same size and weight in water, which keeps it from floating away. It won't dissolve. The knit enclosure keeps the polymer core intact and visible for easy removal.

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