Pro Strength Cleaner for Evaporator Coils

Clean Bond was designed for the harshest HVAC environments. It's a cleaner and molecular degreaser that breaks up tough deposists for clean healthy coils. Plus, it leaves a fresh lemon scent.

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Deep cleaning for Indoor Evaporator Coils

Heat transfer is the process that must occur for the unit to remove heat from indoor environments. When coils are dirty it slows down and inhibits heat transfer. Clean Bond breaks up deposits for clean debris-free coils, that save energy and keep the unit running efficiently. Plus it leaves a fresh lemon scent.

Clean Bond was developed to remove debris and oil deposits faster, with less work.

Breakup Tough Buildup with Clean Bond

Clean Bond is a cleaner and molecular degreaser in one. It’s professional strength, working at the chemical level to isolate then bond with oil deposits and small particles. This molecular action breaks up dirt and grime, making tough jobs easier.

Clean Bond was developed specifically for the dirtiest of HVAC environments. It’s easy to use, commercial strength, plus it’s gentle on coils and fins.

Clean Bond

  • Even hard to reach areas are clean.
  • Isolates and bonds with residual oils and particles.
  • The job is made easier by breaking up dirt and grime.
  • Designed to clean evaporator coils without scrubbing.
  • Clean Bond is non-corrosive.
  • Professional strength
  • Clean Bond is easy to use

  • Turn off the unit
  • Spray the coils with Clean Bond
  • Allow Clean Bond to sit
  • Rinse the coils with the included spray bottle
  • Turn on the fan, allowing it to pull any remaining buildup through
  • That's it, Coils are clean and ready to work.

    Clean Bond is available from .5oz single use to quart or gallon sizes. One gallon cleans up to 400 sq ft. .5oz cleans a 2-ton air handler.

    Clean Bond Technical Information

    Clean Bond is a dynamic cleaner that serves all aspects of metal preperation

    It was engineered to help remove debris and oil deposits faster with less back-breaking work

  • Molecular degreaser
  • Removes oil and oil vapor deposits
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Prevents flash rusting
  • Characteristics

  • HMIS: 2-1-0
  • pH: Neutral
  • Green: Free of objectionable NPEs and APEs
  • Vapor Density (AIR= 1 ): >4
  • Evaporation Rate (Water= 1 ): < 1
  • Solubility in Water: Emulsifies
  • %Volatile (by wgt): > 70%
  • Appearance and Odor: Yellow Liquid, characteristic lemon odor.
  • Respiratory Protection: None required while threshold limits are kept below maximum allowable concentrations; if TWA exceeds limits, NIOSH approved respirator must be worn.
  • Ventilation: The use of local exhaust ventilation is recommended to control emissions near the source. Provide Mechanical ventilation in confined spaces. Use explosion-proof ventilation equipment.
  • Eye Protection: Chemical splash goggles.
  • Protective Gloves: Neoprene, butyl or nitrile rubber gloves with cuffs.
  • See Material Safety Data Sheets for more detailed information

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    Clean Bond Instructions

      Cleaning Steps:

    1. Run the AC unit continuously for 15 to 30 minutes.
    2. Mix Clean Bond concentrate with water about 15 minutes before you're ready to begin. Spray bottle is included. 8oz of Clean Bond mixes with about 16oz of water (fill up the included spray bottle).
    3. Shake the mixture. For optimal cleaning allow clean bond mixture to sit for 15 minutes
    4. Turn the AC unit to FAN ONLY. Having the fan on, with pull Clean Bond deeper into coils.
    5. Spray mixture onto coils. 8oz of mixture cleans a 2-ton air handler. 16oz cleans a 5-ton air handler. Excessively dirty units may need to be cleaned twice.
    6. Now turn the unit completely off. Allow Clean Bond degreasing solution to sit on coils for 3-5 minutes.
    7. Turn the fan back on.
    8. Rinse: Spray 1 pint (16oz) of clean water onto the coils. Allow the AC to run. If foam is still seen in the drip pan after 15-30 minutes, then repeat with another 16oz rinse.
    9. Treat coils with First Strike Micro Coat to keep evaporator coils buildup free and mildew resistant all year long.