Drain Pans: Resurfacer

You’ve seen them. Drain pans covered in rust, holes in the bottom, leaking water all over the area. But it can be costly to replace the entire drain pan, or worse, the entire unit.  Instead of replacing, we developed a way to resurface and recycle. Keep your drain pan, and make it fresh as new. This family of products will beautifully resurface a drain pan and its surroundings, without costing you an arm and a leg.

While you’re resurfacing, you might need to refill some small holes in your drain pan to prevent leakage. Our product, Panhole Filler, is engineered for this.

Instead of Replacing – Resurface and Recycle.


Our “pan in a can” horizontal resurfacer. Pancrete can resurface an existing pan as you pour a new one right over it. It’s permanent, self-leveling and puts a stop to damaging leaks. It is also water repellant and submersible. When you use Pancrete, there’s limited downtime. Put the unit back into service in just 4-6 hours. Below, you’ll find before and after photos of a beautiful Pancrete install.


This product is a vertical resurfacer used to fill cracks, refurbish, stop corrosion and provide a strong base for Pancrete. Designed to be used in conjunction with Pancrete, it provides a solid bonding surface for Pancrete to adhere to.


Our vertical resurfacer that is National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 90A compliant.

Clean Bond

A powerhouse cleaner that packs a one-two-three punch when it comes to cleaning and pre-treating your drip pans. It’s a cleaner and degreaser, a powerful adhesive  and bonding agent (in case you’re installing our products Pancrete and V570), and a strong flash rust inhibitor.

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